Patricia González Bermejo


︎︎︎080 Barcelona Fashion Week

︎︎︎Mondo Fashion Show




Twenty Eight Studio was born as a final project in the univeristy. In which I was inspired mostly by a book that my father give it to me as a present. “Back in the days” by the photographer Jamel Shabazz. With that book was born my passion for fashion, sneakers and music. He portrayed the decadent age of the 70’s and 80’s in The Bronx but at the same time that era where styles of music, empowered womens, visuals, fashion and sneakers culture were born.  It was so important to bring a message in the clothes, because they defines us, gives us an identity, and in this case in the collection there are messages against homophobia, violence, sexism, and racism. Womens played and important role in my inspiration for this collection, from my grandma and my mom to Aaliyah or other singers. With this collection I also explored my roots and my personal life.
It is a reflection of equality and diversity, being a collection of women but that can be used by anyone who wants to wear it.
The fabrics are a mix of sport-technical fabrics from Germany and “retro” fabrics from London and Barcelona, warm colours predomintating, like Jamel Shabazz's photographs, in terms of colours the predominant one is orange, color of strength, energy , ambition and joy.

After the thesis here’s was born my personal brand. With which I had the opportunity to learn more, and participate in some events around Spain.