Patricia González Bermejo


︎︎︎080 Barcelona Fashion Week

︎︎︎Mondo Fashion Show





I had the pleasure of design and style the group ‘Tribade’ for events, the cover of their new CD and Spotify cover, also for a show in Barcelona for ‘Festes de Gracia’ in 2019. Tribade is a young female rap act from Barcelona, lead by MCs Bittah, Masiva Lulla and Sombra Alor. The group is devoted to original rap culture and its mission of denunciation and empowerment through rhythm and poetry. Lyrically, Tribade brings the XXIst century universe of three young women fighting against precariousness in a male dominated society and amplifies through its poetry repressed realities such as LGBT, as well as local and neighbourhood struggles, and antifa activism. Musically, Barcelona is not only 90s mestizo, rumba and fiesta beats: Tribade blends a fresh and original mix of rap with flamenco, soul, trap and reggaeton.


2018 Barcelona
For Tribade